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Regarding Coindrops


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Regarding Coindrops. Please Read Carefully.

Coindrops are working as they should. The players that receive the coins are the players that click the coindrop starting from the first player to click up to the point of the last available prize.


 If the display does not update for you after you click, that simply means that you were not one of the winners. 


The visualization of the bag opening has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening on the server’s side. It’s a visual effect that is supposed to interpret the actions being performed on the server. Not the server acting out what you see on your screen. These types of front end visual bugs are very common on sites that have 1000’s of users.


Simply put, if you are one of the winners of a coindrop, you will be rewarded with the coins. If you are not a winner of the coindrop, you will not be rewarded with coins.


There is no reason to keep contacting support over this. It takes time away from being able to help with real support issues. 


We will be optimizing this free coins feature soon. For now, just know that your first click is recorded less than one second after you click. 

This statement does not account for player's internet speeds. 

This is our official statement on coindrops.  


Thank you.

From the BC.Game Admins


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